If we wanted to reduce the supply so bad, why

didn’t we just migrate and have a dapp that converted current LUNC 10 000 to 1 on a new contract? Same community and it’d save us all 1000 years

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Get your logic out of here!

Lol then the price would also be divided by 10000. Smoothbrains with room temperature IQ, just like most of you here.

Migration always failed dont don that will worst to us if happened

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Lol then the price would also be divided by 10000....

It doesn’t work that way - If you’ve ever been part of a migration before and you own $100 of 10m token and they migrate it to 100 token, your value is still $100 for 100 token, just a huge supply reduction. We’d go to about 600m total supply and each lunc would be about $3. Then add the 1.2% tax on top of the 🔥

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