Hi admin I checked my history on terra station and

I found it my ustc token going to anchor market..is it I've got hacked or scam?

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If you can't recall about any txn, either you've forgotten or your wallet is compromised.

Nah that was where we used to get 20% interest. Connect to app.anchorprotocol.com and withdraw. Fees were 0.25 ustc at the time, I imagine it's still the same

But supposing you got scammed, why would they(scammer) send ustc to anchor🤷‍♂️. They would rather transfer to new wallet.

Same for me i did nothing and all my USTC staked on ANC protocol get send to anchor market

Peter Martin
But supposing you got scammed, why would they(scam...

I think some people are getting confused because Earn is no longer on Terra Station so it looks like it's "disappeared"

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