Hi, I got PM from Support Line, Customer Support, Customer

Line. Are those accounts legit?

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/scam Obvious scam. No real Admin, Moderator or legitimate Community Member will ever message you first; any that do are scammers. Just block and ignore them, don't waste your time or message board reporting here. Thanks!

❗️Warning❗️ Scammers will message you privately. Just Block and Report as Spam. Do not respond to their messages, ignore them and move on. 👀 Please note that if you identify any of the following behaviour, they are scammers and should be reported immediately: 1 'Enthusiastic customer service' - someone who takes the initiative to talk privately with you; 2. Asks for your recovery phrase or private key; 3. Asks you to deposit coins to an address to help with your issue; 4. Invites you to join a community for giveaways or airdrops. 5. Sends you a Google Form to fill out. Be informed, read 3 Steps to Protect your Crypto Wallet. 🔐 Your keys, your crypto. Stay SAFE!

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