Where can I find more info about the $power token


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Nope they mean $POWER, the airdrop was referenced in the presentation today

I am not selling, but the news of it being an airdrop is pretty disappointing. I don't know about other countries, but for Americans, airdropped tokens are taxed as income. So right out of the gate, it would be extremely risky not to market sell ~30% or more because you're on the hook for whatever the value is at the time of the airdrop. if the price drops and u hold, you're still on the hook for the original value. Swaps are treated in the same fashion as stock split, and so any profit would be treated as long-term capital gains (depending on when the WCT was purchased)

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I am not selling, but the news of it being an aird...

Do you not pay ~30% on capital gains tax every time you cash out an investment anyways..? I don’t see why it would matter either way

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