As a standard community should interprete ETA's as flexible dates.

They're subject to changes for security reasons, technical reasons, reasons beyond the capability of COTI (i.e. Ledger, Cardano...). Instead of (or additional to) 'soon' or 'follow official announcement channel' you can give a rough ETA while referring to circumstances that might delay it. Use more than 1 word or sentence and explain the reasoning. Community will understand and appreciate it. It's not problematic to be honest saying 'sorry, we expected it to be finished in 4 weeks, or in this specific month, but as usual with developing and having a high quality standard in mind things may be delayed. Rocket launches also get delayed. Once all becomes routine delays are rather exceptional. COTI is innovative and building new progressive technology. Delays are normal. On the other hand, announcing merchants etc. you should review the videos and keep record of what has been announced. Then before publishing you need to decide to remove the announcement or to follow-up on it within weeks. If for some reason you can't make public then say 'sorry, we announced such and so but we can't tell more about it yet.' Does this make sense?

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Thank you, together we're strong.

This is exactly what i was trying to say. 👌🏻👏🏻

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