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I'M just interested why this projects seems to just drop

down the coin chart when people are pushing memes and it's working ?

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Yes the coin was probably attacked with that pump and dump, as it is known that is a way to kill sentiment for a coin

All utility coins are performing poorly atm.

All utility coins are performing poorly atm.

Which is exactly why I am saying we have to market Arrr as a meme coin for now to build a base again

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All utility coins are performing poorly atm.

That's a fair statement but I also hold KAS and that charts such a chart that Arrr should be OK due to its nature

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Which is exactly why I am saying we have to market...

Absolutely it seems who ever is in charge of the coins promotion and distribution has done one and its on everyone else to promote. It's a sad moment to be a pirate as theynsay

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How ?

It was an attack to ultimately kill sentiment

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