Lunc brothers, do you think CZ cheated us again? He

is holding trillions Lunc, but only burn the trading fees. Basically that trading fees are our fees for trading on his platform. He burn nothing. But he show us that he "burn all trading fees", it let us appreciate him and let LUNC pump, that time he sell out Lunc at the top and we are losers. He is using our money to earn money from us. He is playing us.

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1- he doesn’t hold trillions of coins. 2-That’s not “ our “ fees, that’s his fees, he’s using his fees to burn LUNC for free you dumb potato

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Sorry, I highly doubt it

I think exchange will burn every Monday

Yes, binance holders hold trillions of Lunc. Trading fee is about 0.02%~0.1%. Volume on Lunc/Usdt and Lunc/Busd is about $400 million as per today. 0.1% x $400 million = $400,000 $400,000 / 0.00027 = 1.4 billion tokens burn per day. Sometime it could be more or less than these value.

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