I smell something worst behind CZ's burning mechanism. Questions : 1.

Why don't he implement burn all trading fees on real time ? 2. He keeps 6 days trading fees for what ? 3. If he change his idea and don't burn all trading fees as his promise, what will happen?

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Nothing will happen because community is strong 💪💪

Start fud again 🤔 Ask from cz go

There is a possibility. How long this burn will last? Is this a trial?

Answer 1. He want to sum it up and send to a burn wallet which is not the same as terrastation burn address. 2. He is a businessman, he would probably might want to grow it which is fine as long as the burn fees are covered. I mean, nobody's gonna do everything for free. He need to some kind of make some profit. 3. Only time will tell, we will have to wait till next monday. If you want to roughly estimate the burnt per day. It would be about 1 billion token per day. If you calculate base on volume of Lunc/Busd and Lunc/Usdt ~ $400 million to $500 million Multiply that number by 0.1% tax fee per transaction. And divide by current price. You will arrive at about 1.3 billion token burned per day. This number might varies due to variables such as price per coin, market cap, volume etc.

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