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After some back and forth, ChatGPT gave me the following


### Summary of zkSNARKs and Their Benefits for Telos (TLOS)

What are zkSNARKs?
zkSNARKs (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Arguments of Knowledge) are advanced cryptographic proofs that let you verify information without revealing any actual data.

Benefits for Everyday Users:
- Privacy: Imagine sending money without anyone knowing how much or to whom, but everyone can still trust the transaction is real.
- Security: Your sensitive data remains hidden, protecting you from potential breaches.

Impact on TLOS Token:
- Increased Value: By making Telos more private and scalable, zkSNARKs attract more users and developers, driving up the demand for TLOS tokens.
- Advanced Use Cases: Enables private transactions, regulatory compliance, and efficient scaling, making Telos a more robust and versatile blockchain.

Concrete Example:
- Private Transactions: You can send 10 tokens to a friend without anyone else knowing the details, but the transaction is still validated on the blockchain.

How It Works:
- Your wallet handles hidden transaction details using zkSNARK proofs.
- The blockchain verifies these proofs without seeing the actual amounts or participants.

zkSNARKs enhance privacy and scalability on the Telos blockchain, potentially boosting TLOS token value by attracting more users and enabling advanced, secure applications. Experience the future of blockchain with Telos and zkSNARKs!


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Or… imagine being able to PLAY BATTLESHIP on the blockchain! And not needing to “trust” the other player when they say if your shot was a hit or a miss!!!

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