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Hello guys, I just wanted to inform you that we

just updated our website. The goal with this new website is to represent in a better way what Telos is today and where we are heading as a project.

As you can see rn we have only updated: Home Page, Telos EVM and Telos Zero. The rest of the pages will be updated in the next 2 weeks. We decided to focus on those pages since those get 90% of the visits and since we wanted to launch before our speech at EthCC we decided to to do it this way.

We really hope that you enjoy “new Telos” I gave a sneak peek to @Thiboe yesterday and he really liked it. Big thanks to the whole team for your help on it @TFGV90 @Infinityblocio @LilicJohn @TFL2024 and @vaznft

What is next?
We will publish an Onboarding page which I think it will be a before and after for Telos, we will make it super easy to onboard new users to our ecosystem: Getting TLOS, Bridging, Using dApps, etc.

Please feel free to DM with feedback, but pls consider that this is WIP and we are only 30% done with it. Trust me is going to get much better.

Enjoy https://www.telos.net

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I love it!

Amazing work @raulamoros 🔥

Raul-Amoros Автор вопроса

For those who missed this update from earlier today

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