One question please. It is important for me. Solana is not

doing all things as right as before. Betraying the meaning of DeFi. I don't know how It Will ends but It clearly shows the Risk of Lost of trust from community to use this blockchain (or even worse excenario). I'm not saying It Will hapen, I'm just saying we can see the Risk. So, do we have a plan B to migrate to other chain if It would be needed? I mean, if worse excenario happen, could we migrate or is not technically possible? I'm losing trust on Solana, but not in star atlas which I love. I just wanna know if we could have an emergency plan. Thanks

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many people suggest their favorite blockchains like, avax, algorand, eth, polygon and so on, this makes no sense right now it would just delay the development. for me this discussion is like comparing apple vs pc or PlayStation vs xbox, at some point we should be on all of them but right now we on solana and solana is a good chain. this is my personal opinion

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