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So what if its true kadena is partnering with JPM.

Does that brings us up to another level in actual reality and do we ignore the fact that there's not much decent projects useable projects as of now?

This group chat is one that I have been to with one of the most fud and shillers.

Pertaining to my qns few days ago, less than 10 people out of 15774 members actually reply with any personal use because not many actually bothers here. But when it comes to claiming how good its is, many so called claims here without any strong support use other than those few things.

**For those who r new here, pls just listen but dont take it seriously. Use your eyes to see and DYOR. Talk is cheap. Bull time everyone talks like they knows everything, bear time all mia.

The most questions here is always: when mooning? when ath? why price down? Why never do marketing? Why never partner with big companies etc etc. Not many here truly cares about kadena tech. I believe one of the reason is because many here are stuck with the coins as they bought during ath in 2021 and not because they still wants to be here. (I m one of those)

Honestly 3 yrs is not a long time but neither is it short. During this period I personally witness "seems like a lot done but also like nothing done"

If you wanna talk about price, I believe kadena price will rise along with other altcoins when btc rises and when theres fudding. But as to project wise, I still can't see anything concrete or real as of now.

*Just my own personal opinion*

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I want to reply. But what does one even reply to this? I feel like it's so clear you do not understand what Kadena is doing, attempting to do, or what they have done. That's on you - it is nobody elses responsibility to bring you up to speed. DYOR like you yourself say. No matter what answer anyone gives you - if you don't like the answer - you'll just keep going off. Your message here feels so empty to me.


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